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ICO BitDise it –

On the modern Internet the set of projects of persons in need in financing from is daily started out of and the BitDice project concerns those. ICO – Initial Coin Offering – a way of attracting investors which will help with development. The starting project releases own internal currency which can be used further for payment of any services. This currency is called Cryptocurrency.

If to compare ICO to the IPO, it is possible to find a set of similarities, the distinction is that owners of cryptocurrency have no opportunity to influence domestic policy of the project as don't receive a share as in a case with the IPO. Thus it is possible to draw a conclusion that participants of the project personally take part in development of the project.

The currency released the project after sale turns into Bitcoin or Ethereum, or into traditional dollars and euro which are spent for development subsequently.


Whether it is worth investing money in BitDice


Certainly, it is possible to buy a krioptovalyuta and it is even necessary, it is a serious step to the future, in addition the buyer sees several pleasant opportunities:

• When further the given project becomes successful, it will lead to growth of cost of internal currency, for the buyer it will be tremendous news, having available a certain quantity of cryptocurrency, it is possible to earn easily money on resale.

• Certainly, the investor can get further on the bought currency any services in the project.

• The project therefore they try to support it is simply interesting to some investors further to observe his growth and to consider itself by a particle of the realized large-scale project.

Based on the latest statistical data, it is simple to understand that to invest money in the BitDice project based on ICO, really favourably the project is really promising.

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