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Vastbit.A universal financial tool , arbitrage, stable profit, no risk


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Vastbit.ltd is a platform on which it is very convenient to make arbitrage transactions, as here a lot of crypto-exchanges are collected, all commissions and profits are automatically calculated. All that remains to be done by the client is to select the purchase and sale price, and click the "make a deal" button. With such a trading system, the risks of losing capital are zero. Also on the platform is a service called "Reactor" launched, which will allow you to earn both in manual mode and in automatic mode.Income 50% -70% per month from all working deposit.

For customers, there are 3 ways to get started in Vastbit:

1. Working with your capital. Account replenishment on 0.075 BTC + 20% on the first working deposit. Duration of the contract is 60 days.

2. Working with Sponsor +. The company gives a working deposit in the amount of 0.6 BTC.  After 48 hours, the tool is taken away, all profits remain on the user's account. If the user does not complete the required amount (up to 0.075 BTC) within 24 hours for further work on the platform, all profits are canceled.
3.Loyalty Program

- the size of the working tool from 0.01 btc to 0.03 btc;
- contract duration - 30 days;
- distribution of the working tool, in equal shares to the three profitable service Lift Reactor, the Bit-Stream;
- profitability depends on favorable fixing liquid of the traffic;
- access to the withdrawal of income from the wallet "Partnership", according to the norms of the wallet, within 24 hours;
- conclusion income and the working tool at the end of the term of the contract;
Registration is available here https://vastbit.ltd/signup/y86253622
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