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German Trading Company - Looking for Team Members ICO


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we are a German trading company.

Looking for team members willing to collaborate in implementing our blockchain based Supply Chain Management Software and the planned ICO.

Our main business is food trading between Germany/Europe and China/Asia. We have successfully established our own food brands and European partnerships. The high selling prices at the target market secure our business since 2016.

Leelosch Group was founded by German and Chinese entrepreneurs. The current team emerges from Germany, China and Slovakia.

About the ICO:

We plan to issue a revenue token and distribute upcoming profits among the token holders. Instead of using VC or other funding methods we consider ICO a more suitable option (after ICO implementation will the core team start with the supply chain software development).

We are looking for blockchain engineers and ICO Advisors. In addition we are in Contact with KickICO and other platforms to launch the Crowdsale. Here we would love to welcome a technician in our team.

For more information please visit our webpage https://leelosch.com/ico/

The Whitepaper is a proposal and will be adjusted after an exchange with the advisories and according to the feedback gained during the ICO Implementation process.

If you are interested, please drop us an email at ico@leelosch.com or message me directly here (also regarding further points like compensation, timescale and other)

Thank you.

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