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Ripple nicht auffindbar


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Hallo zusammen.

Ich bin ganz neu hier und hoffe das mir hier jemand helfen kann.

Habe mir 10 Ripple gekauft und die Transaktion war anscheinend auch erfolgreich.

Nur kann ich die Coins aber nicht finden.

Ich hoffe hier kann mir einer weiter helfen.

VG Christian



Hab das Freewalletteam angeschrieben und diese Antworten erhalten.


Please note that we do not support XRP.
Looks like the transaction you referenced was successfully completed:
Let us know if we can help you with anything else, please.
Best regards,
Freewallet Support Team




This transaction was successful, and validated in ledger 35840965 on January 15, 2018 11:01 AM.


This is a Payment transaction.
The payment is from rEfd8Wejf8JtntCz1dQWhcBJQB9h9JSEi1 to rhL5Va5tDbUUuozS9isvEuv7Uk1uuJaY1T.
It was instructed to deliver 10 XRP.
The actual amount delivered was 10 XRP
The transaction's sequence number is 48


The transaction contains the following memos:
    • Type:client (decoded hex)
    • Format:rt1.4.1 (decoded hex)


Sending this transaction consumed 0.000012 XRP.


The transaction specified the following flags:
  • tfFullyCanonicalSig


It affected 2 nodes in the ledger:
    • It modified the AccountRoot node of rEfd8Wejf8JtntCz1dQWhcBJQB9h9JSEi1
      • Balance reduced by 10.000012 from 185.091663 to 175.091651 XRP
    • It modified the AccountRoot node of rhL5Va5tDbUUuozS9isvEuv7Uk1uuJaY1T
      • Balance increased by 10 from 20 to 30 XRP
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