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What's the best (rate?) exchange to sell bitcoins for euro cash, bank account, ATM?


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Different exchanges use to have different rates. Many people are looking for the cheapest exchange to buy bitcoin. Now I'm looking for the exchange I can sell bitcoins for most euros

- cash (this option is not universal, though)

- bank account

- ATM (like a prepaid card)


Different exchanges have different 'pain factors,' as far as the registration process goes, like how many data you have to give out about yourself. I heard German people are privacy conscious.


then, there are things like business models: on Bitcoin.de you have to share bank account details with a stranger, not with the central exchange (again, privacy), and not only that, but you also have to be on alert looking for a counterparty to take your trade, not just fire and forget.


All in all, what's the best exchange for this purpose?

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