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bitandbuy.com - Get your favourite apple products for BTC.


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Hello everyone,


i am very excited to announce our first Bitcoin startup !


bitandbuy.com - Get your favourite apple products for BTC.


And it gets even better , we are able to offer a limited 10 % deflation discount for the first 100 orders.


From our FAQ :


We created Bit&Buy, because we believe in Bitcoins and its future. We love to spend them and want everyone to love it too. Now you can spend your Bitcoins directly on Apple products. Fast, easy and secure!


Who are we?


We are 3 college students, highly infected with the Bitcoin Virus. Two of us living in the U.S. and one in France. We love the idea behind Bitcoins and wanted to create something to support the economy. That's why we have choosen to start a shop 100% dedicated to Apple products. It is always better to say, “Look I bought my iPad with this new thing named Bitcoins.” than anything else.


How fast do you ship?


We try to ship every order as soon as possible. Mostly within 36 hours!


Where do you deliver?


We try to deliver worldwide. Bitcoins knows no borders. If it's not possible to take care of your order, we will contact you.


How do you manage to give 10% deflation discount?


Bitcoin exchange rates are like roller coasters, but we believe in its future. So for us Bitcoins are always going up. Our funds are high enough to handle the fluctuations.


Are these original Apple products?


Yes, we work with different resellers in our countries. Every product is 100% new and sealed.


Our reseller in Germany uses DHL and gives a 30-days Money Back Guarantee, so feel free to try our service!


We hope to deliver your new apple product soon !


Jean, Miriam and Steven

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Hey Oliver,


google translate says "Smells of scam. Caution!" I hope this is right.


We try to proof that we are legit - we received some orders and forwarded them to our resellers. They will be delivered next week.


You don't have to buy anything until you trust us. :)

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Guest Ich betrüge Dich

Riecht nach Virus: "highly infected with the Bitcoin Virus"


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