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how to pay taxes from cryptocurrencies when main income is exempt of taxes.


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My main activity is scientific research. I live in Germany supported by a fellowship provided by an independent non-governmental and non-profit association of German research . This fellowship is explicitly exempt of taxes.

Additionally to the fellowship,  I gained last months some amount trading cryptocurrencies. 

1) how do I need to declare taxes? since the fellowship is explicitly exempt of taxes in the contract I received, I assume I need to declare only the amount I gained  by cryptocurrencies.

2) will my health insurance change the fee? the current health insurance I have is a private health insurance according ,257, para 2a, section 2a of the SGB (sozialgesetzbuch)

3) Is there any official guide where it is mentioned where,  when and how I must declare?

Sorry for writing in English. I am a foreigner living in Germany, I have no idea how taxes are handled here.

Thanks for your comments.

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Even many germans have no idea how taxes are handled regarding crypto currencies and in general. Unfortunally for everyone living here, the german tax rules are the most complicated in the world. There are hundreds or even thousands of regulations. And noone here will be able to give a perfect advice.

The amount of taxes you've to pay is depended on how much income or deficits you produced the whole year.
CItizen have to pay taxed for a whole year. The period is 01.01. to 31.12.

For declaring taxes you've to do a "Steuererklärung".  Sometimes you get money back, sometimes you've to pay taxes. The decision is made by the "Finanzamt". A widely "loved" institution in germany.

It's VERY individual and noone can give you a certain answer here how much you've to pay. That's why there are "Steuerberater" and "Lohnsteuerhilfe". Those make your "Steuererklärung" for you. Ofc, you've to pay them (with Euros and not CC ;)).

Do you've a german banking account where those gains has been sent to? If not, i wouldnt even care about it.

The tax you've to pay for Crypto is depended on your personal tax level. So not everyone is paying the same amount taxes for cryptos.

When you reach a certain limit of income regarding a whole year, then you get in another tax-level (meaning, your tax rate increases). Also the money you've to pay for your health insurance is depended of the amount you made.
But there are also things that will decrease your tax-rate. For example when you have to pay your health insurance privately, then this will be calculated to minimize your tax payment requirements.


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vor 32 Minuten schrieb bartio:

Even many germans have no idea how taxes are handled regarding crypto currencies and in general.

Totally agree with that, it's way too complicated. And honestly I have no idea whether there are any special regulations regarding non-Germans who currently have their residence here, which makes it even more complicated. There is only one thing we can tell you for sure: If your total net profit of the whole year does'nt exceed € 600, don't worry about it. In any other cases, you should probably get yourself some professional advice from a "Steuerberater" (but you should make sure he's an expert on trading profits and knows about cryptocurrencies).

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