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Hello everyone.

I am new user in platform bitcoin.de. I have some questions.

1) Can I make a small amount BTC to turn into a BCH? 

2) It is possible to pass coins from the platform to a wallet (hardware or online wallet)?


Thank you.



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sry, not many people are checking this part of the forum

1) No, you cant transfer BTC directly into BCH. 
You've to sell your BTC first and use the gained money to buy BCH.
such Actions are available on exchanges like Bitfinex, Kraken, etc. 
The Bitcoin.de Plattform is no Exchange, it's a Marketplace (due to heavy regulation insanity here in Germany), so direct exchanging between crypto-currencies aint possible.

2) Ofc you are able to send and receive BTC and BCH to an other adress (wallet, Hardware wallet, other exchange).

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