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Burger Swap, erstes DeFi Projekt von Binance....Potential groß ?


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Ich habe folgendes Projekt von Binance gefunden und 1k EUR vor zwei Monaten investiert

was haltet Ihr davon ??  :


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September 24, 2020, 05:27:18 PM

Market cap is now around 6m USD but this one has huge potential, tey are backed by Binance and have applied for Binance Smart Chain 100m USD Accelerator Fund.

BurgerSwap is the first democratized DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain, combining the trading liquidity providing elements of UniSwap with staking and decentralized governance, super low fees and fast transactions.

The BurgerSwap platform is built without the control of any centralized entity, through smart contracts.

BurgerSwap enables a swapping mechanism with democratic decentralized mechanics which allows listing, delisting and changing platform parameters by the community through transparent voting.

Users of the platform can earn BURGER tokens by providing liquidity on BNB and BURGER pairs, staking and participating in the governance system by creating proposals and voting.

Super active community mainly on Telegram and the $BURGER token is already one of the top traded tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.
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Am 5.5.2021 um 00:59 schrieb blackswan:

Hast Du die einfach gekauft oder lässt Du arbeiten? Bin am überlegen ob ich Staken o.ä. soll....

Was empfielst Du?

Zum Staking hab ich nichts gefunden was auch funktioniert. Einbringen in einen LP kommt für mich nicht in Frage, weil es steuerlich ein Verkauf ist. 

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