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How to get Bitcoin SAFE and EASY?


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Why do people pay yourself to do these things? 
Is there one thing in common is that all of this free play page Bitcoin is there a lot of advertising, and it's easy to click the wrong, the website owner will benefit from the membership click this mistake, and they took the money earned from the ads to pay for us. 

Summary of work to do every day while making money by digging this free Bitcoin.
Step 1: Sign up for an account using Bitcoin wallet has created an in blockchain (multiple registration page is very simple, just enter the address for Bitcoin is finished, use only 1 for Bitcoin was created in blockchain for all pages for convenience) 

Step 2: Confirm Bitcoin captcha to get free (click the wrong ad carefully - take public) 
Step 3: When you have an account on the next time you receive free Bitcoin simply login information registered very quickly (Each page has time reset different amount received, then you can get more money, usually from 30-60 minutes later you will be able to get the bonus, after 60 minutes the other freebitco.in page you can get Bitcoin continued) 
When participated enough minimum payout minimum amount you should withdraw blockchain account in your Bitcoin, most pages with payment automatic mode when reached minimum Bitcoin enough (for example, when you meet the 8000 satoshi it automatically paid into your wallet Bitcoin in blockchain) 

Most sites will use satoshi units, 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC 

Below is a list of discovered Bitcoin website absolutely free and with him is intuitive and easy to make Best. You do the same page to get Bitcoin freebitco.in free daily or o'clock: 

1. http://freebitco.in/ just instructions above - the page below is similar - the only difference is where you answer the captcha, please enter multiple pages for Bitcoin address that you can get bonus right)
http://moonbit.co.in/ ( enter your Bitcoin wallet - click Sign in and confirm captcha is ok) 
3. http://777bitco.in/ (must email account registration, full password then earn Bitcoins) 
4. http://bitcoinker.com/ (every 15 minutes you will get 250 satoshi) 
5. http://bitcoinx.co.in (300-3000 crashes every 60 minutes) 
6. http://www.luckybitfaucet.com/ (100-100.000 satoshi per / 2h after reset) 
7. http://infaucet.com/ (250-1000 every 120 minutes) 
8. http://xpbitcoin.com/ (400-6000 every 60 minutes) 
9. http://faucet.jokertimes.co (60 minutes is taken Bitcoin free once) 
10. http://luckbit.co.in (simple games for free Bitcoin) 
11. http://www.bitcoindrip.com (100 satoshi each time, after 3 minutes to get to) 
12. http://bitcoin2048.com (2048 gaming Bitcoin for free) 
13. http://ifaucet.info (1000 satoshi each grab, taken after 60 minutes next time) 
14. http://intellectcoin.com (answered questions for Bitcoin, wrong answers are still 10 satoshi) 
15. http://leakyfaucet.uk (500-400 satoshi each take, 30 minutes reset) 
16. http://getmyfaucetbtc.com (300 - 2000 satoshi each grab, followed 15 minutes later was taken) 
17. http://faucet.mezzabank.com (350 - 5000 satoshi each time, 60 minutes reset) 
18. http://playbitco.in (300 satoshi each time, 7 min reset) 
19. http://chronox.co.in (34-1199 satoshi each time, in order to derive greater long) 
20. http://weatherx.co.in (300 - 3000 satoshi each time, 60 minutes reset) 
21. https://bitminer.io/ (automatic train Bitcoin, Bitcoin user can upgrade to dig faster) 
22. http://fieldbitcoins.com/ (Sign in Bitcoin wallet so that it automatically dig
23. https://www.eobot.com (dig Bitcoin automatically) 
24. http://epay.info/  (page synthesizes a lot of other Bitcoin digging page) 
25. http://www.bitcoinsworld.one (page aggregates a lot for other Bitcoin) 
And this is the app on phone (both Andoid and ios) Bitcoin earned by playing the game:


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