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Wirex Visa-card


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Vielen Dank an Alle für die Kommentare!

An Amsi,

An Tenx hatte ich auch schon gedacht, aber es wollte mir einfach nicht gelingen die Seite zum "Anmelden" zu finden.

Kannst mir evtl. hier einen Link senden? Vielen Dank


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Dear xxxx,
It’s time that we got to know you better. 
Wirex is committed to protecting our customers at every opportunity and ensuring the information and documentation we hold on our customers remain current and up to date. One of the most powerful tools we use to help us is to know a bit more about you and how you use our services. This means that occasionally, we may ask you to answer a few questions and provide documents regarding yourself and how you fund your Wirex account. And this is exactly why we are reaching out to you today. 
Please don’t worry about this and there is nothing wrong with your account! We just need you to answer a few questions and provide us with some source of funds documents that will help us understand where the funds you used for your Wirex account are from. It’s a standard procedure and should not take you long to do.
Could you arrange for the following to be provided as soon as possible:
  • Please tell us what your occupation and annual income are;
  • Advise on your main source of income and provide proof in the form of an official document that clearly shows the source of your funds 
For example, if your main source of income is your salary, we simply need you to provide a recent payslip, and a bank statement showing the funds being deposited. More examples and acceptable formats can be found at https://wirexapp.com/help/article/source-of-fundssource-of-wealth-verification-accepted-documents-1203
 In addition to that, we would like to get a better understanding of your current and intended use of your Wirex account and your transactional activity. Please supply the following information and/or documentation:
  • What is the purpose and intended use of your Wirex account? In other words, what do you use your Wirex account for? 
  • Please advise on the purpose of the incoming fiat transfers from ADMIRAL MARKETS AS JORDAN LTD, RoboForex Ltd, UAB Eurlita between 5/2/2023 and 9/7/2023, and provide the supporting documentation confirming the source of this income.  
 If you have any questions about what type of documents you need to submit, we are here to help. 
When you are ready to return the requested details, please ensure you do so by responding to this email. 
Kind Regards,
Wirex Review Team 


DISCLAIMER: The information and the attachments in this email may be confidential and legally privileged. Access to the contents of this message by anyone other than the intended recipient is unauthorised. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, or distribution of the message, or any action or omission taken by you in reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this email message in error, please notify the sender immediately by email, facsimile, or telephone, and then delete/destroy the original message and all copies of it from your systems. Wirex cannot guarantee this email communication and associated attachments to be free of malicious code and assumes no liability for any loss or injury resulting from the contents of the message. The views expressed may not necessarily be those of Wirex, and unless otherwise noted in the text of the message, the message may not reflect official policy.


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